Support & Maintenance

I'm an expert in maintaining your software and website, helping you keep your business IT assets stable, secure, and error-free. I will help you ensure your sustainable growth and business continuity for all major support and maintenance challenges.

Whether it's needs related to ongoing administration, hosting and server configuration, technical advice, 3rd party integrations, and improving your website or web-based application, I'm here to help.

I provide you with full-featured add-on services for building agile solutions, providing continuous and flexible support to create the right bridge between website development and business operations.

Your Website Is Kind of a Big Deal


The website is under attack and most owners don't know it. I manage and block attacks to protect your, your business and customer's information.

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Core File & Database Backups

I regularly back up your website in real time to the hosting provider's servers and have access to a 1-click restore feature if needed.

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It’s critical website software is updated regularly to prevent vulnerabilities and ensure compatibility with the latest online technology.

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Bug Tracking

I am responsible for the bug tracking mechanism, taking into account bugs and defects, and guaranteeing that the software product is bug-free and robust.

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Performance Optimization

Your sites are tested to maintain your site loading parameters in just 2 seconds. I test work on every metric I guarantee you that your site improves your site speed.

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Impulsive OS and server migrations needed to achieve peak performance. I seamlessly migrate infrastructure to the next level and prevent disruption.

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